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Meet The Directors

Geoff Peterson started his carpentry apprenticeship in 1992 and created his carpentry contract business in 1996. His driving desire is to see that every client he works with has their dreams realized. A man of few words, he believes that the proof of his skill & dedication to this aim is most definitely in the high-quality finished product that he has consistently created. In 2003, he received his own builder’s accreditation, and has pursued a number of quality building projects on his own reconnaissance since then.

Simon Horseman completed an Associate Diploma in Accounting in 1991. To pay his way through university, he worked on various building sites. At the end of his degree, he discovered that he enjoyed the building business far more than the accounting business and has never looked back, creating his own carpentry contract business in 1996. His chief aim is to build something great for the client, and he takes great pride in seeing a job well done.

A Little Bit Of History…

In 2003, Geoff & Simon amalgamated their 2 businesses into GB Peterson Pty Ltd which has provided high-end carpentry to builders on projects as varied as retirement villages and aged care facilities, to commercial shops and multi-units/apartments. From Cranbourne to St. Albans, Camberwell to Phillip Island, and Brunswick to Berwick, GB Peterson Pty Ltd has built a reputation for doing whatever it takes to get projects completed on time, on budget and at the desired level of quality. As preferred suppliers to Hudson & Bunnings with 99% of current work being repeat business, Geoff & Simon now feel that they have the runs on the board to step up to working directly with clients and architects to realize their building dreams. As a result, Cognac Constructions Pty Ltd was born.

Our Attitude

Geoff & Simon strongly believe that their job is to build what the client has ordered exactly as the architect has drawn it. “Our job is to make the architect look good”, says Simon, “It is one of our goals to work with good architects & draftspeople because we love looking at new trends, products and concepts”. Part of the challenge for Geoff is in always trying to do the job better and faster. “We only use reliable contractors who are interested in working to our standards because we always try to improve what we do on each job”. While speed and reliability are critically important to their success, both Geoff & Simon believe that the key to their continued success is their availability & approachability to their client, and their willingness to really think about the jobs at hand. “I’ve lost count of the number of times that we have saved our clients money,” says Geoff. Simon goes on, “Work scheduling is the classic example of this. We have regularly suggested changes to the order in which certain tasks happen which have reduced the risks of damage to other work, as well as sped up the project”. “That’s why 99% of our current work is repeat business,” says Geoff, “because our clients have learned to appreciate our judgement and trust that we are really working for them – not just banging nails in until knock-off time”.